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Key publications

These key publications are examples of the research and projects that Flinders Vision researchers are involved with.

For more publications, visit the staff pages of the relevant authors.


Development and psychometric evaluation of a new keratoconus-specific questionnaire using Rasch analysis
Khadka J, Schoneveld P, Pesudovs K
Optom Vis Sci 2016. Accepted for publication 6 Oct 2016

Validation of an instrument to assess visual ability in children with a visual impairment in China
Khadka J, Huang J, Goa R, Zhang S, Dong W, Bao F, Chen H, Wang Q, Chen H, Pesudovs K.
Br J Ophthalmol. Accepted for publication 6 July 2016

Methods to Develop the Eye-tem Bank to Measure Ophthalmic Quality of Life
Khadka J, Fenwick E, Lamoureux E, Pesudovs K
Optom Vis Sci. Accepted for publication 10 June 2016.

Item banking enables stand-alone measurement of driving ability
Khadka J, Fenwick EK, Lamoureux EL, Pesudovs K
Optom Vis Sci.  Accepted for publication  22 April 2016.

Quality assessment of ophthalmic questionnaires: review and recommendations
Khadka J, McAlinden C, Pesudovs K.
Optom Vis Sci 2013; 90:720-44.

Estimates of global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and mortality of HIV, 1980-2015: the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Collaborators GH, Wang H, Wolock TM, et al.
Lancet HIV 2016; 3:e361-87.

Global Vision Impairment and Blindness Due to Uncorrected Refractive Error, 1990-2010
Naidoo KS, Leasher J, Bourne RR, et al.
Optom Vis Sci 2016;93:227-34.

Causes of vision loss worldwide, 1990-2010: a systematic analysis.
Bourne RR, Stevens GA, White RA, et al.
Lancet Glob Health 2013; 1:e339-49.

Common values in assessing health outcomes from disease and injury: disability weights measurement study for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010
Salomon JA, Vos T, Hogan DR, et al.
Lancet 2012; 380:2129-43.

Evaluation of item candidates for a diabetic retinopathy quality of life item bank.
Fenwick EK, Pesudovs K, Khadka J, et al.
Qual Life Res 2013; 22:1851-8.